Family Farming.

We live for farming! It's what we look forward to each year and what we do exceptionaly well.

Tenant Farming.

We do everything we can to make sure our landowners get the best return on their investment.

Other Services.

We offer our landowners many benefits, including excavation and land improvement services.

About our Family Farm.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable and profitable career in agricultural production for the current and future generations. We strive to provide a very high level of return for our landowners with our wide range of lease types; crop share, cash rent, variable cash rent, and custom farming.

We set ourselves apart from other operations by combining our many years of experience in exceptional farming with the newest technology and some of the most efficient cropping practices. We have the flexibility to raise specialty crops such as seed beans and both white and yellow food grade corn, allowing for greater return for us and our landowners. As seed growers, we are able to capture additional discounts on our seed, reducing costs for both us and our landowners.

Our farm currently consists of brothers Carl and Victor Smith, Carl's son Parker Smith, a full time employee, and part time help as needed. Carl and Vic have been farming together since the 1970s and have not only maintained a legacy, but grown their family farm and improved it in many ways. Please contact us if you'd like to receive a copy of our resumé.

For generations to come.

Victor, Parker, and Carl Smith

We look forward to doing business with you!

We strive to treat our landowners as business partners, and as friends. Relationships mean a great deal to us, and we value any opportunity that comes our way.

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